Bachoura 8289

Lebanon - Down Town
Dr. Mosbah Bakri
Architectural Design: 
Structural Design: 

Situated in the heart of the capital Beirut, the building is classified as a historical one, belonging to the Lebanese heritage.
It used to serve as dorms. The project consists of changing its function into a Boutique Hotel.
The goal is reached by fully renovating the interior spaces (including walls, doors, locations and sizes of rooms, bathrooms, etc???) without modifying the exterior envelop of the building.
Our vision is to make the building look as if it is molded or carved out by unifying its exterior color. This way, the aesthetical elements are highlighted.


  • Reinforced Concrete Design and Drawings - Addition of one Basement Floor under the existing building
  • Seismic Design and Report (designed to withstand, without major damages a nominal acceleration of 0.25g)
  • Consultancy and Follow-up


  • Site surveys and documentations
  • As-Built Drawings
  • Concept of intervention on the existing building
  • Permit Phase - Modification and addition of area
  • Execution Drawings
  • Consultancy and Follow-up