Core Values

In 1981, Antoine Bouchedid founded Bureau d'etude Antoine Bouchedid, a stuctural engineering consulting office that built its reputation and clients' trust on the pillars of functionality and aesthetics.


BCDC, Inc. Consulting Structural Engineers Started in 2014. During the ensuing years, the firm has maintained a high level of professional achievement and provided a wide variety of services in the specialized field of Structural Engineering to Building Owners, Architects, Federal Agencies, Local Governments and Contractors.


BCDC, Inc. takes a great deal of pride in both the product it delivers and the relationships it forms with its clients. The firm's success is due in large part to its exceedingly strong work ethic, combined with an exceptionally talented and qualified staff. Everyone at BCDC, Inc. is committed to the timely, reliable and successful completion of each and every project.

Our core values relate to how we see ourselves and how our clients see us.

From the client's point of view, our values are: 

  • Responsiveness: we are a service firm that happens to do engineering. 
  • Team Approach: the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. 
  • Inventiveness: new ideas, creative solutions, and new processes. 
  • Document Quality: clarity, completeness and most important, consistency. 
  • Integrity: honesty in our communications and business approach. 

 To achieve these core values, as a firm we must:

  • Manage our workload and assets to allow us to respond to the client's needs
  • Perform unselfishly to effectively accomplish the work
  • Have qualified personnel who are creative and committed
  • Continue to train, educate and improve
  • Trust and be trustworthy in all of our dealings


The success of a project is dependent on clear concise documents, good project management, skillful engineering judgment, and precise communications with the client and other members of the design and construction teams. In short, quality and teamwork.

Team Approach

Quality work and innovative solutions are the cornerstones of any successful engineering firm. However, it is BCDC reputation for integrity, teamwork, and responsiveness that make us stand out. Our clients value these characteristics and have come to expect exceptional service when we are on the team. We approach each project with the commitment to help the project succeed. This means not only delivering safe and efficient structural systems, but also helping the other members of the team reach success. We do this by bringing our experience and inventiveness to the table early in the design process. Additionally, we proactively look for ways to improve coordination, and aid in developing solutions to problems that may arise in the field. In the end, BCDC's projects run smoother, and are successful for the entire team.

Office Family

Everyone at BCDC strives to create an enjoyable work environment. This is accomplished from the top down within our firm. The principals understand that within our industry it is important to encourage a collaborative, supportive and family atmosphere. Sporting events, office game nights, and office happy hours are just some of the company sponsored events that the employees of BCDC enjoy. A number of times each year, office improvement contests are held, where the employees submit their ideas for how the company can improve, and meetings are held to discuss the results.